Cambridge GC Rifle Range will be holding our first guest day on Sunday 27th August.

The cost for this is £40 per person which includes;

  • 1 hour 1-1 range time
  • Use of a .22 rifle ( with 20 rounds of ammunition)
  • Use of a .223 rifle (with 10 rounds of ammunition)
  • Use of a .308 rifle (with 10 rounds of ammunition)
  • Targets

Extra ammunition may be purchased if required.

(Ammunition will be available all day from the shop however please keep in mind that you may be limited to your 1 hour slot and you shall be unable to leave the site with any ammunition.)

How to book

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about attending the guest day. You can do this by e-mailing us at info@cambridgegunclub.co.uk or calling us on 01353 648 004.

You will need to provide us with an e-mail address to which we may send the necessary forms. Upon enquiring, we shall be able to advise you on the available time slots. Spaces are booked in hourly intervals from 10.00am – 14.00pm.

We must receive the “Guest Day Request Form” back from you prior to Sunday 27th August (This form will be sent to you upon enquiring).


Due to a high interest level, we do require a non-refundable pre-payment for the guest day to try and avoid any “no-shows”.

We can accept payment via bank transfer, over the phone card payments, by cheque or on site upon the time of booking. (Please note that your booking is not secure until payment is received)

If you are happy to pay via bank transfer, we shall e-mail you our account details to do this. If you are paying by bank transfer, please put a reference of “your name RROD”

You may not be booked in without a pre-payment being made.

Booking Confirmation

When payment has been received, we shall send you a confirmation email verifying receipt of payment and that your place has been secured for this guest day. This e-mail will also state your designated hourly slot as decided upon when enquiring.



When you attend on the day, we will need you to bring with you 1 form of Photo ID.


Prior to using the rifle range, we do require that when you arrive on site, you sign a section 21 declaration to confirm that you are not prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition by virtue of Section 21, as amended, of the Firearms Act 1968 (i.e. have not served a term of imprisonment or been given a suspended sentence of 3 months or longer) For clarity, full details on Section 21 can be viewed at: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/27/section/21




The range is 100 yds full bore range. Calibres .17 HMR through to .308.Above .308 is by prior arrangement only.

The rifle range is now open to FAC holders who ALSO have the following:

Firearms Certificate & recognised Safe Shooters Card or Firearms Certificate & DSC1 Certificate

We must see original documents of the above please, photo copies will not be acceptable.For FAC holders who do not have a Safe Shooters Card or a DSC1, we shall be offering sessions to gain a “Safe Shooters Card” (SSC).
This SSC will enable you to shoot at CGC Rifle Range. (It will not cover you for other rifle ranges, only CGC Rifle Range). Sessions take roughly 30 minutes and cost £30 per person.
When a person gains their SSC through us, they may shoot our rifle range during any of our opening hours.
We do recommend that people book lanes in advance as we may be busy however booking is not essential (please keep in mind that if we are busy, we may not be able to accommodate you).There are a total of 10 lanes. 8 x Benched & 2 x Prone.
Costs for using CGC Rifle Range are as follows:£20 / Hour (lanes are booked in hourly slots)Membership options are available, please speak to a member of staff on your visit for more information. 
The cost of annual membership is £300 (You may shoot as many times as you wish throughout the year with no “cap” on time allowance)
If you do wish to book a lane, please call us on 01353 648004

We will be holding running boar events and these will be advertised independently. (Full details will follow soon)



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We have moved the Cambridgeshire Sporting Championship to Sunday 21st May. Booking must be made in advance.Please call 01353 648004 to book

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